Zenfolio | Mike Morel Photography | Puerto Rico International Indersea Laboratory - La Chalupa

I arrived in Puerto Rico the first week of July 1973, 2 weeks after graduating from high school, to visit my brother Norm. He had been working at the Puerto Rico International Undersea Labroatory, or PRINUL for short, for about a month as a consultant from Perry Submarine of West Plam Beach Florida. The underwater laboratory was known as "La Chalupa", an underwater habitat where aquanauts lived and worked for periods of up to 2 weeks at a time off the west coast of Puerto Rico. I was suppose to be visiting Puerto Rico for 2 weeks. But it was a dream come true for a 17 year old just learning how to Scuba dive in the cold murky waters of New England. It changed my life and turned out I ended up staying in Puerto Rico a lot longer than 2 weeks!